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i-Optimize® Diagnostic Tool

i-Optimize<sup>®</sup> DX Air-Conditioning Diagnostic Tool

i-Optimize™ Test EER, IEER, Tons Faults

The i-Optimze diagnostic analyzer allows HVAC service technicians to test the actual operating energy efficiency and cooling performance level of any DX air-conditioner, a patented capability no other tool on the market has. When utilized to support performance based maintenance, energy savings are 19 to 26 percent. This highly advanced analyzer incorporates features developed to support performance based maintenance, including the following capabilities:

  • Extensive fault detection & diagnostics to spot issues that inexperienced technicians might not perceive as being problematic, helping to avoid potential future occupant complaints, component failures and emergency calls.

  • Internet connectivity to support online technical support between highly experienced technicians or engineers, and field technicians, including screen sharing and data streaming.

  • Cloud database to support detailed documentation of the effect of service actions, degradation of unit performance, and comparative analysis of energy efficiency at the time of each service call.

Performance based maintenance (PBM) is defined by accountability and measured results using a comprehensive diagnostic tool and procedures to identify suboptimal operation and operational faults, and document real-time performance levels. i-Optimize gives technicians the ability to measure system performance, pinpoint system faults and needed service actions. This prevents the occupant complaints and component failures that recurrently result from rigid or abbreviated service schedules.

The advanced i-Optimize diagnostic tool has a touchscreen user interface that detects and displays system faults, and can connect via WiFi to our Connected Cloud Software Center.

Much of what’s attached is plain text. So, please use formatting — colors, fonts, bullets etc — to make it easier on the eye. internet with a remote subject matter expert for deeper analysis when needed. Diagnostics are displayed, including possible causes and technician actions, and measured energy efficiency and cooling capacity in standard units of IEER Btuh/Watt and Tons, as well as sensor readings in an intuitive format.

An energy engineer or service technician can have i-Optimize connected and running diagnostics in ten minutes, and a full range of energy performance tests can be completed in 30 minutes. The measurement of actual IEER (Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio) is utilized to project annual energy costs based on the performance level of the unit at the time the measurement is taken.