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EER Optimizer® DX Air Conditioning Controller

EER Optimizer® DX Air-Conditioning Controller

EER Optimizer is a patented air conditioner control system with integrated performance optimization and fault detection diagnostics. The EER Optimizer air-conditioner controller continuously monitors performance, and optimizes fan speeds, refrigerant level and flow, and any/all other operating parameters in an operating unit, as cooling load and operating conditions vary, to maximize actual operating energy efficiency. In contrast, the best competing technology can only select a high or low fan speed based on temperature or pressure; and refrigerant level is fixed by the factory initially, and manually adjusted later by a service technician.

Field demonstration under a full range of operating conditions at three sites across a wide range of climates showed that EER Optimizer can bestow a 10% to 30% improvement in system energy efficiency, depending on baseline equipment condition and load and climate factors. Energy savings can reach 50% when needed curative service actions are identified and carried out on units that otherwise appear to be performing satisfactorily

Identification and implementation of service actions targeting cooling and energy performance can lengthen the economic life of DX package units. In addition to sustaining performance levels, EER Optimizer technology results in cooler compressor operation, reduced compression ratio, and protection from liquid entering the compressor, which tends to reduce the likelihood of compressor failure. Optimized refrigerant charge level and a clean condenser coil can, over many years of operation, curtail the commonly experienced rapid performance deterioration of DX package units and potentially add years of service life before replacement is needed.

EER Optimizer outputs of EER (Btuh/Watt), cooling delivered (Tons) and power

consumed (kW) as well as all other sensed and calculated values are provided as a

Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) text stream, and can optionally be provided as three industry-standard 0-5 volts direct current (VDC), 4-20 milliamp (mA) analog outputs or Modbus RTU digital outputs to a building automation system (BAS) or energy management and control system (EMCS) for monitoring, as well as displayed locally on a touch screen. The EER Optimizer controls RTU operational parameters locally, while the BAS / EMCS can control the active / inactive state of the controller via optional digital contact-closure or Modbus RTU inputs, along with alarms for out of range values.