The portable i-Optimize system enables a technician to take comprehensive AC efficiency measurements, evaluate system performance, diagnose faults, and upload readings. It has 12 sensors and a CPU consisting of powerful cloud-linked embedded computers. This advanced technology was demonstrated at three DoD installations on 30 package AC units saving $57k annually. The i-Optimize unit is internet connected for remote technician assistance when needed. All readings are stored on a cloud server, where historical trends are analyzed for reporting & documentation.


  • Extensive fault detection & diagnostics
  • Internet connectivity system
  • Cloud database
  • Up to date information on dozens of data points
  • Graphically represented operations
  • Easy to use diagnostic tools
  • Instant feedback from sensors

Diagnostic tool and sensors easily connects to HVAC units.

Diagnostic tool is easily portable and displays relevant information using a cloud database.

The Analyzer also displays relevant data on graphical representations of HVAC unit parts.