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ClimaStat DX Air-Conditioning

ClimaStat is a patented refrigeration science based technology that has been tested and proven at numerous installations. It can be factory installed in new equipment as well as field-retrofitted to existing equipment. It nearly doubles dehumidification capability and improves energy performance by 15 to 30 percent.

ClimaStat advances air conditioning technology by responding to varying latent (moisture) loads in addition to conventional sensible (temperature) load control. Under this innovative approach, energy efficiency is raised by increasing cooling coil velocity under most conditions, while reducing coil velocity when dehumidification is needed. In comparison, current standard unitary equipment cannot control the proportion of sensible and latent cooling; latent loads float and only sensible load is controlled. ClimaStat components address this problem with an optimized cooling coil mated with simple components, which are reliable, proven, easily maintainable, and low cost.

The root basis of the increase in energy efficiency achieved by ClimaStat is reducing refrigerant differential pressure requirement and increasing capacity. The major component of ClimaStat added to a conventional unitary AC system is a liquid-suction heat exchanger separator. The improved DX system gives more precise control of conditions at the evaporator coil, along with optimized refrigerant management, resulting in lower pressure differentials at the compressor. Field demonstrations show that ClimaStat provides a 15 to 30% improvement in performance, reduction in compressor run hours, much improved dehumidification of supply air, and increased outside air ventilation to the occupied space, if desired, without adverse effects on reliability.