ClimaStat raises the energy performance of conventional commercial air conditioner units — at the lowest possible cost. ClimaStat technology raises the efficiency rating of units by 15% to 30% while dramatically increasing de-humidification capacity. ClimaStat is a proven system based on reliable, easy, and maintainable components.

High Energy Efficiency

Raises IEER rating by 1.6 to 4 points – 15% to 30% increase. Operating costs 15% to 30% lower than conventional systems, and 40% to 60% lower than re-heat systems!


No failure prone components.
Fail safe protection against coil freezing and compressor slugging.
Cooler compressor operation.
Variable SHR technology self-adapts to all climate conditions.

Performance Optimization

  • Independent cooling, de-humidification, ventilation
  • Comprehensive fault detection and diagnosis
  • Continuous energy optimization
  • UVC germicidal and filtration monitoring
  • Service alerts via email or text
  • Cybersecure connection from anywhere
  • Space pressurization control
  • Integrated VAV DCV Economizer functions
  • Condensate reclaim for cooling