Awarded Department of Defense ESTCP Project of the Year, ClimaStat equipped DX systems operate with a much colder cooling coil, doubling the dehumidification capability of conventional DX units and reducing energy use.

The i-Optimize diagnostic analyzer is used by HVAC technicians to evaluate and improve the operational energy efficiency of DX air conditioners and heat pumps. Clamp-on sensors are used to quickly calculate operational energy efficiency (IEER) and recommend service actions to save money.

EER Optimizer is a versatile diagnostic controller that maximizes air conditioner performance. The controller continuously optimizes fan speeds, refrigerant level and flow, and any/all other operating parameters in an operating air conditioner as cooling load and operating conditions vary.

ClimaTek air-conditioning technologies enhance comfort, performance, energy efficiency, reliability and maintainability. Benefits are sustainable energy and maintenance savings as well as improved productivity and longer equipment life. Our ClimaTek next generation advanced DX air-conditioner integrates all of our innovations into a synergistic package that outperforms virtually every other product on the market. - CEO - Michael West, PhD, PE