Technology Business Incubator


ClimaTek® is a Technical Project Incubator.

We often help incubate projects that are innovative in nature from our partner firms.

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Incubation Projects

We develop complex execution plans to deliver products of the future. Our goal is to exceed regular production parameters and increase efficiency of all types of processes.

CEO – Michael West, PhD, PE

Technology Incubation, Engineering



Each project must be created in a logical way. Using our technique, we move from one point of control to another as if we were climbing a rope, as Sun Tzu said, Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.







ClimaTek® analyzes the optimal funding strategy for your project.
We can forecast with close accuracy your completion budget and project funding success rate.
– CFO – Erica Paullin, CPA, PMP, BA


Sound plans and solid execution strategies are not always sufficient. From simplifying processes to improving efficiency and creating entire execution plans, an important factor in the success of these types of projects is to designate change agents as guides through the journey to success. We are here to help you obtain your ultimate project goal. We are the catalyst to successful product delivery and return on investment for your intellectual property. ClimaTek® participates in all phases of product incubation.

– CTO – Mike Dietz, CIS, PMP