About Us:
Micahel West, PhD, PE

Michael West, CEO – PhD, PE

• Degrees in Engineering and Thermal Science, Faculty University of Florida • US Navy submarine HVAC systems • Founded Advantek Consulting 1997. Leads innovation, makes major corporate decisions, and directs operations and resources; main point of contact between investors and corporate operations.
Erica Paullin, CFO

Erica Paullin, CFO – CPA, PMP, BA

Financial Management of ClimaTek HVAC • Responsible for finance, marketing resources and coordinating operations. Experience with companies providing HVAC and mechanical engineering services for a variety of clients; including Department of Defense, Fortune 500 and other startup businesses.
Michael Dietz CTO, PMP

Mike Dietz, CTO – CIS, PMP

Responsible for directing technology development and execution to realize high value proposition for both customers and investors.
Richard Combes, COO

Richard Combes, COO – PE, PhD

Coordinates marketing and operations with customer requirements; responsible for researching and advising on business growth decisions.
John Adams, Senior Energy Engineer

John Adams, CIO – PE, MBA, LEED AP+

Directs product strategy and technology rendering in alignment with market trends and customer needs.
Chris Cook, Director of Sales and Marketing

Chris Cook, CMO – PE, CEM

Responsible for customer acquisition and retention, brand management and market research, and driving product sales.